How To File California Divorce Judgment With No Child Support (Non-Guideline)

Tim Blankenship will be discussing how to prepare your judgment when going through a divorce in California and you and your spouse agree that there will be no child support.

This is called a non-guideline request for child support. There is a specific way to submit your judgment when you want there to be no child support, but when the calculations are showing that there should be child support.

I will also discuss the child support dissomaster calculation which is required when submitting this form, in addition to the need to file your FL-150, Income and Expense Declarations with your judgment which is required when there are minor children.

California Judgment Reject Issues (LIVE WEBINAR)

Join us for this live webinar where we will be answering your questions about the California Divorce process.

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California Divorce Judgment Rejected | FL-141 Missing Or Wrong

California Divorce Judgment Rejected | FL-141 Missing Or Wrong

Having your California divorce case rejected is never fun. However, this article will discuss what to do if your California divorce judgment is rejected for the following reasons listed on the FAM-001.

Judicial Council form FL-141, Declaration Regarding Service of Declaration of Disclosure & Income and Expense Declaration [revised July 2013]

  1. must be submitted by the Petitioner as to the Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure (the Preliminary Declaration cannot be waived). See Family Code §2104.
  2. must be submitted by the Respondent as to the Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure (the Preliminary Declaration cannot be waived). See Family Code §2104.
  3. must be submitted by the Petitioner & the Respondent as to the Final Declaration of Disclosure & Income and Expense Declaration; in the alternative, the parties may stipulate to a mutual waiver of the requirements of 2105(a) concerning the final declaration of disclosure by execution of a waiver under penalty of perjury by separate stipulation by filing Judicial Council form FL-144, Stipulation and Waiver of Final Declaration of Disclosure [revised January 2007]. Please refer to Family Code §§2105, 2106.

This is a common error and is easy to fix. Most people forget about the form altogether, but when the form is submitted to the court the biggest problem is that people forget to fill in the date.

You see where it says on paragraph one that either the Petitioner or Respondent has served the other party their preliminary declaration of disclosures?  And then there is some white space between paragraph one and paragraph two? There is where you are supposed to put the date that the disclosures were served.

As usual, it is a poorly formatted form and just begs for mistakes to be made. Thankfully it is an easy fix, but is cause for rejection of your California divorce judgment.

How Mediation Works During Divorce In California

Live Broadcast Thursdays at 1 p.m. ( This Event Has Been Moved To Thursday, June 12, 2014)

In this live broadcast, we will be talking about divorce mediation, how it works, and the different types of divorce mediation services out there.  

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The Process Of Filing For Divorce In California

Join us live for our next live broadcast this Thursday, May 29, 2014, where we will be discussing the process of filing for divorce, from the documents needed to what you need to have in place before filing for divorce. We will discuss the process from start to finish and will be taking your calls live.