California Judgment Reject Issues (LIVE WEBINAR)

Join us for this live webinar where we will be answering your questions about the California Divorce process.

We will also be discussing the following topics and questions that came in.

I Have An Easy Divorce (No Assets, Debts or Children) But I Can’t Finalize My Divorce

How Do You Change Terms Of Your Agrement Once Divorce Is Finalized?

How Do You Terminate Spousal Support On Long Term Marriage? “Marriage of Vomacka”

Success Story “I Completed My Entire Divorce Using Your Youtube Videos”

Can You File Your Divorce Paperwork Electonically?

How Do You Change Your Address With The Court After You’ve Submitted The Judgment But Before It’s Been Approved?

I Filed For Divorce And Served My Spouse – Now She’s Dissapeared – Can I Finalize My Divorce?

What Is The Difference Between The Marital Settlement Agreement & The Judgment Attachment Forms?

When Would I Use The Request For Trial Setting Form?

The Court’s Self Help Center Nightmares & Getting Different Answers Each Time + Being Hung Up On After 40 Minutes

I’ve Been Trying To Finalize My Case Since 2019 – The Judgment Keeps Getting Rejected…