This page is dedicated to information regarding Veterans and Veteran’s Benefits. In 2016, 20 years after being Honorably Discharged from the Marine Corps, I am just learning of benefits I can be receiving. In 2016 I applied to be rated as a Service Connected Disabled Veteran and received a 10% disability rating.

This rating allowed for several benefits that I was unaware of and, in fact, am still learning of by doing research. You see, you will only learn of these benefits if you search for them, and it doesn’t seem like the VA makes this information easy to find.

So below you will find videos and links to helpful information regarding some valuable VA benefits I recently have learned of. If you come across additional resources you think would be valuable, please use the comments and I will add to this post.


Veterans can now display their VETERANS status on their drivers license.  Below is an article I wrote as well as a video I recorded. On the link below I also have the form to fill out with instructions.

Veterans Status Verification Form VSD-001



This one I heard of from a client and was the reason I applied to be rated with a Service Connected Disability. Through CAL-VET, even if rated at 0% (which means they acknowledge something happened, but not enough to pay a monthly pension) you still get certain benefits.

One of which is being able to apply for a fee waiver for your children’s college education. My daughter is currently going to school at UCLA and they are waiving the tuition fees. This is saving me $4,000 per quarter. (We still pay for housing and books)

There are some strict regulations for qualifying and if you know the rules you will get approved with no problem, however with the limited information they provide, you can easily get yourself disqualified if you are unaware of the financial qualifications. Make sure to read my full article below on this.


As a Service Connected Disabled Veteran you will  qualify under Plan B

Video & Information On Completing CalVet Tuition Waiver

CalVet College Fee Waiver Site

Fee Waiver Application via CalVet

Service Connected Disabled Veteran VA Funding Fee Waiver

Veteran’s VA Funding Fee Waiver – Link