Veteran Status Verification Form VSD-001

Veteran Status Verification Form VSD-001

On Veteran’s Day 2015, (November 11, 2015) Veterans Affairs and the California DMV informed the public that as Veterans we can now have the word VETERAN placed on our California Drivers License and California Identification Cards.

UPDATE 1/4/16 – See additional video below. I received my signed VSD-001 within about 1 week of submitting it.

UPDATE 1/15/16 – For those living near the VA hospital on Sepulveda in the San Fernando Valley, Veterans are reporting you can go to building 22 room 219 at the Sepulveda VA in mission hills you can get the form validated on the spot. bring dd214 and its only 8 to 1430 Tuesday to Thursday.  It appears they now have a stamp at that location.

Click Here For Veterans Status Verification Form

In the video below I discus exactly how to obtain the Veteran Status on you Drivers License. Don’t Follow the instructions given by the DMV or even the Veterans Affairs office. Nobody seems to know what they are doing. I will also have attached the Veteran Status Verification Form attached to this article so you don’t have to travel to your local VSO office just to pick up a photocopy of the form.


I Received My Signed Form!!!!


So I drove down to the VSO (Veterans Service Office) closest to my home in Valencia, CA which happened to be in North Hills, CA off of Plummer. I called down and they said to come on by and see Joe and make sure to bring my DD-214. That made sense and I thought I would be going down there to have my form signed off so i could make an appointment with the DMV.

vso sined

What I learned is that instead of having the Veteran Status Verification Form VSD-001 signed off is all they do is give you a packet with instructions, which i explain in the video.

What I wanted to know is why the Veteran Status Verification Form VSD-001 is not anywhere on any Veteran Affairs Website or DMV website. It is not like it is useful until the County Supervisor Signs off on it.

In the packet of information (3 sheets) I received there was an instruction sheet. Basically, you have to fill it out and mail it downtown to the Veterans Affairs office where the County Supervisor works. Apparently, not just anyone can sign off on these things. Makes sense, but why make us drive down to a VA VSO just pick up a photocopy.

The instructions were a mess and all wrong. There is a phone number listed of 213-744-4828 to call and speak to either Ruth Wong or Chris Duarte. I called the number so I could provide more details to you guys and gals, but what do you know? The phone number is out of service. Nice guys..

The address they indicate to mail your signed forms to wrong as well. I have the PDF of the instructions and made the changes, but here is the correct address.

Veterans Affairs
1816 S. Figueroa St. 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90015

This is for Los Angeles County Veterans Affairs. I would assume that there are different County Supervisors for each of the Counties so make sure to check for where to mail your completed Veteran Status Verification Form VSD-001 to.

Hope this saved some Veterans some time. Please feel free to share this information on Facebook or wherever your friends are so they can get this information.

Click Here For Veterans Status Verification Form


Okay, so we are on to something. Veterans are starting to post county specific info with contact info. I will update on this site. Please fee free to leave content and I will post per County.  I posted on LA County, below is the county specific info as we receive it.


Posted by Rasheed

If you’re in San Diego County, the VSO Office the address below (8am – 4pm I think).You can take original or certified DD-214 (or military ID card it you’re retired), fill out the status form and have a VSO sign it off. Hope this helps.5560 Overland AVE Suite 310San Diego, CA 92123619-694-3222