Chatsworth Divorce Court Advised Client To Seek Counselling Instead of Divorce

We handle a lot of divorce cases and are usually the first to come across something that has changed.  In this case, we are seeing the divorce courts and some Judges specifically start doing things that are a bit differently.  I am putting that mildly because we are seeing some outright weird things.

This most recent issue was when a client had a total agreement with their spouse in their divorce.  I mean everything.  But the Judge at Chatsworth indicated that she wanted a hearing set so she could speak with our clients.  She did not indicate what the issues was.

So we set up the hearing for our client and asked them to report back on what they were asked.

Turns out the Judge started asking personal questions about their marriage and advised our clients that instead of getting a divorce that they should get counselling and work on their marriage.

If you ask me, it is not up to the court or a Judge to give marital advice.  Our client said she was crying in court because of all the personal questions that were being asked.

You can listen to the podcast where I discuss in more detail.