Child In College, Death of a Friend and Lots Going On

Today was an interesting Monday. Still reeling from learning of the death of on of my best friends yesterday, my daughter is heading leaving for college tonight and my wife is gone on a work trip to Georgia for the entire week.

Yesterday I wrote about losing a best friend of mine. It was very difficult to hear the news and today was a rough day.  It was nearly impossible to get into the work groove and I just felt like I was totally out of it today.  What makes it even more difficult it that they have recently moved to Atlanta, Georgia and they are quite a bit away.

What will be interesting to see what happens is if the service is this week. My wife is about 2 hours outside of Atlanta working until Thursday this week, so I may have to fly out alone to Atlanta and meet my wife so we can attend the service in Georgia and then possibly fly home together over the weekend. We have nothing planned and there are no details as of now.

On top of this, our daughter is moving out today as her first day of class at UCLA is this Thursday. She was supposed to move out over the weekend, then today and now that it goes into the evening it appears this has been further delayed until tomorrow.

It appears flying the coop is much more difficult than she thought.  And, by the way, this is a little bit of payback during her younger years when she would get mad and say she is moving out, which happened just about every week from when she was 13 to about 16.  Now that she is 20 she is a bit more grown up.

I hope to keep what I am feeling and what I am going through in my mind for later so that when I come across people that may not be feeling well or going through tough times, or just not being nice that perhaps they are also going through something that effects the way they are with people.   I know today I was pretty short with people and wanted to chop off a few heads of people that irritated me.

Thanks to my wife, who kept me thinking clearly and told me not to say anything i will regret later.

Talk to you later. Tim