Choose A Licensed Divorce Paralegal That Is Legitimate | Santa Clarita Divorce

We keep hearing horror stories of people who used a divorce service that was not licensed, not legitimate or lost their money attempting to use one of the online divorce solutions.

i just read an article online about a paralegal who was charged with what is called “UPL” or Unauthorized Practice of Law. These are serious charges that can bring with them criminal penalties including jail and fines.

As a Divorce Paralegal Service in Santa Clarita, CA that provides California divorce services, this is something we have to be careful of on a daily basis.

There are lots of people out there who are not licensed nor bonded to prepare divorce paperwork, and you need to be careful with who you choose to help you with your divorce.

Because of the amount of fraud in this industry, those of us who are licensed and bonded, have to jump through many hoops to keep our license.  In addition, several regulations are put in place and specific rules have to be followed.

It is interesting actually, because those of us who are licensed and providing divorce services are the ones who have take all these extra steps. Those that are operating illegal paralegal services, of course, are not complying with the new regulations that were created for those not following the law.

The point being, is that when deciding on who to use to prepare your divorce in Santa Clarita, whether it be a full service divorce firm like ours or some online document assembly service, make sure that they are compliant with the law.

One of the biggest headaches for our company is talking to people who were previously burned by another divorce paralegal service.  We have to explain the fact that who they used were not legally supposed to be in business.

Here is how you can make sure you are working with a legitimate business.  First, they should be licensed and bonded.  As legal document preparers, we are issued photo identification that clearly indicates that we are allowed to provide services to the public.  In addition, we are required to hold a bond.

Ask to see these documents before you work with any company who is going to provide legal document preparation.

If you would like help with your divorce, we are a full service divorce document preparation firm that specializes in California divorce.