College Planning With My Daughter

So cool actually.  You just don’t know what is coming next.

I am at home, my wife is at work in LA and it is 8:30 p.m.  My daughter is a Sophomore at College of the Canyons and headed for a UC or State College.  And it looks like she will be going to San Diego.  Funny, that is where my brothers both live and one went to college there.

She really likes Anthropology and my brother, Todd, has his degree in Anthropology and is a teacher in San Diego.  So I hooked her up with a conversation with my brother.

I say it is cool, because I can still remember taking my daughter to preschool at the same school that is less than 1/2 mile from our house.  And here we are 18 years later, and having an educated conversation about college.

I am seriously at the point where I wished I had invested 18 years ago in our children’s education.  Looking like her school is going to run us about $30,000 per year on the low end and this is just one of two children we have.

We hired a college planner to help us with all of this, hoping that he can find some grants or extra money.

Funny that when you are in your prime earning years that that is when your kids are going to college.  I am not saying it pays to be poor, but sure seems there are more handouts for everyone but us.

I shouldn’t complain.  I should be grateful we are in a position to handle this. We are not rich by any means, but live fairly frugally, but it couldn’t hurt to be investing in our retirement instead of paying $30k a year in tuition.

Seriously, I drive a 2002 Ford Expedition with no air conditioning and has 220,000 miles.

Anyways, I think the goal is to set the next generation ahead of where we are.

I like these more personal posts because I can rant and just talk (or write) as things come to me.  I told my kids that this is my diary and they will be able to hear what I think, not only in this blog, but my spoken word in my videos and podcasts.

Wait, sorry, here is my entrepreneurial mind at work. What about a  business that helps people to use video and  podcasts instead of the old school written word.  I think there is something there.

The short story with this post is that is was really cool for my daughter to come up to me with all the paperwork she had received at the college regarding the different colleges she is interested in.

Pretty cool to be a father, I guess is what I am saying.

Here is a photo of us both working. I think she is studying.