Completing California Divorce Property Judgment Correctly

If you are representing yourself in your divorce in California and are now working on your divorce judgment package, make sure to read this article.

You will soon find (or have found) that the divorce judgment package is the most difficult part of the divorce paperwork.  People routinely have their divorce judgment packages rejected 2, 3 and even 4 times adding years to the day they finalize their divorce.

This article is specifically about the property order portion of the divorce judgment.  This is the part where you are listing your property and who is getting what.  It is divided up by community property and separate property.

Lately the courts have been getting very particular about how you identify your property on the judgment.  We used to be able to identify the property very basically, but now they want specific account numbers, licensed plates of vehicles, etc.

You can no longer simply say “Chase Checking Account”  You now have to list the account numbers.

Here is a list of how to properly describe your property.

  • For vehicles – Year, Make Model and License Number – If you leave out the license number of just one vehicle you risk having your judgment rejected.
  • For bank accounts, credit cards, investments, loans – List the name of the bank and the last 4 digits of the account number. You don’t want to put the full account number because technically it is public record.
  • For Homes- You need to put the full legal description of all properties.  The home address alone will not suffice.  You can get the legal description off your deed.

The above areas is where we find folks representing themselves having trouble with the judgment when submitting their divorce case.  Using the the information above will increase the odds of having your divorce judgment approved.

We have written many articles on the difficulty of getting your California divorce judgment approved by the courts.

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