Cryotherapy In Santa Clarita :: My First Santa Clarita Cryotherapy Session

Cryotherapy In Santa Clarita :: My First Santa Clarita Cryotherapy Session

I had seen a few friends post on Facebook about what they were calling, “cold therapy”. I did not pay much attention to it at first, but as more people were talking about “cryotherapy”, I decided to do a little research on it myself.

Turns out there are a ton of health benefits from cryotherapy. Several that would do me some good. There is a ton of information out there to research the benefits of cryotherapy so I am not going to repeat them here, nor am I a doctor, so I just wanted to share the benefits I have felt after just one treatment.

About a year ago I began having some pain in my left bicep. I went to the doctor and they said it was tendinitis from working out. A few weeks later I started having more pain in my shoulder which ran down my left arm and started having numbness to my left hand.

I went back to the doctor who then ordered an MRI. Short story is I had 2 pinched / herniated / bulged disks around my c-4, c-5 in my neck which was causing the nerve pain. In addition to the excruciating nerve pain ( if you never had nerve pain, there really isn’t anything like it) I began losing strength and muscle which began to atrophy from my shoulder to my left chest muscle and all the way down my arm. All in I lost about 75% of my strength and muscle.

I did all sorts of “natural healing” things I could do such as Chiropractic, acupuncture, cupping and later even deep tissue laser therapy. I did this because all the doctors wanted to do is prescribe pain killers and wanted to stick a needle in my neck to block the pain and later stick a knife in my neck and cut out the bulged / herniated disk. No thanks!

One of the benefits of cryotherapy is in reducing inflammation. Inflammation is one of the issues causing the nerve pain. So if cryotherapy can help reduce inflammation, I am willing to try it.

I can’t say that I felt immediate relief, but in researching cryotherapy, a person can have immediate relief of some symptoms and others that are more acute may take longer. So I am going to sign up and try cryotherapy for about a month and see what happens.

Benefits of first cryotherapy session

Sleep – I fell asleep faster than I normally do and had a more restful sleep. I usually wake several times during the night, but last night I didn’t. I did, however, wake up at 4 a.m. wide awake. Not a tired, want to sleep some more but can’t. Rather, I felt energized and ready for the day. I laid there for about 30 minutes before getting up, realizing I was not falling back to sleep.

Mood – Immediately following the cryotherapy I did feel better as far a my mood. Sort of a euphoric feeling or just a feeling of well being. We can all use more of that, right?

Energy – I do feel like I have more energy. Was up early this morning as I stated and got right to work. Feel like I have more energy for the day and actually feel like I can take on more or want to take on more and be more productive.

I honestly feel like going back today to get some more of this drug called cryotherapy, but I want to see how long the above effects last for. Some say the effects can last several days. I think I will shoot for 3 times a week for a month and see how things turn out.

The folks over at Mend Cryotherapy were great. I met one of the owners, Chris Browning, who I spoke with at lengths while there and learned about his business. We even talked about having him on my local podcast for a business interview on the SCV Local Podcast.

If you want to give cryotherapy in Santa Clarita a try, below is their contact info.

Mend Cryotherapy

28303 Newhall Ranch Rd

Valencia, CA 91355