Divorce 661 Review | Divorce661 Reviews From Gonzalo | Tim Blankenship Divorce661

Divorce 661 Review | Divorce661 Reviews From Gonzalo | Tim Blankenship Divorce661

This is a review from Gonzalo who was a client of ours and nice enough to write a review about Divorce661.  Because so many people search for reviews about Divorce661, and end up on the websites where all they do is review companies, I thought it would be a good idea to post these reviews directly on my website.

I am so glad that people are doing their due diligence in searching for reviews about divorce661 because in the past many people would hire a company without doing a search for reviews to see how the divorce company does.  Then what would happen is they would hire a divorce paralegal firm and then be taken advantage and they would take their money and no complete the job. So make sure to conduct your review of any business you plan on hiring.

Below is a review on Divorce 661 exactly as it appeared on another divorce review site.  I simply cut and paste it into this blog and added my comments.  So please enjoy and make sure to contact me if you have any questions about Divorce661 or myself, Tim Blankenship.

“I am going trough a divorce and well what can I say, These guys are the best! From the moment I called them at 11am I had all my paper work and court papers signed no later than 230pm. Tim is an awesome business owner and in the future will recommend him to all or to everyone in need of a someone to help them do their divorce paperwork. Tim is such a friendly individual and is very clear what the business offers and what you will get from working with them. Tim was 100% honest with me and the amount of knowledge he has was simply remarkable. Thank Tim! You guys are awesome!”

Gonzalo was referred to Divorce661 by another satisfied client. He had a pretty simple divorce and both he and his spouse were in agreement. While we do handle divorce cases very quickly, they are not usually done in just a few hours, although they can be as was the case here.