Divorce Mediation Interview With John Morrison of Morrison Mediation

I conducted a comprehensive interview with John Morrison of Morrison Mediation where we discussed divorce mediation. We talked about just about anything you would need to know when going through a divorce in California and whether using a divorce mediator would be useful or appropriate.

Below is the full 35 minute interview, however, I will be breaking the interview down into smaller bit-size bits as well so you can quickly find the answers you are looking for related to divorce mediation in California.

I will make sure to link to all of the individual parts of the interview so you can quickly listen to the portion of the interview about divorce mediation that interests you.

John Morrison and I talked about some really interesting topics related to divorce mediation in California. We talked about when you might want to use a divorce mediator, to if it is even appropriate in your case. We talk about how to choose a divorce mediator and why if you have complex financial issues you may want to consider using a mediator who is learned in complex financial issues.

John Morrison is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. Now I have spoke and interviewed many divorce mediators, but never spoke to someone that held this designation and it was very interesting to learn about this specialty.

You can learn more about John Morrison at MorrisonMediation.Com