Are You A Divorce Mediator? Use Divorce661 For Your Divorce Processing

Are you a divorce mediator and like doing mediation but not necessarily doing the procedural divorce paperwork? We’ll we have a solution for you. While not our primary source of business, we have been sought out by numerous divorce mediators to assist with the divorce document preparation and handle the divorce court procedural steps once mediation is completed.

We are very flexible when working with divorce mediators and their clients and there are different ways you can utilize us to keep your divorce mediation in your wheel house and make good recommendations when sending your clients out to have their divorce paperwork processed.

Here are few ways for divorce mediators to use our service.

Use us as an extension of your business – You can continue to be the contact point for your clients and use us to prepare, file and handle all the procedural steps. All communication between you can your clients will remain and we will be out of the picture and completely behind the scenes. We will coordinate anything we need through you which can then be obtain by you and provided to us.

Use us as a referral partner – When I speak to mediators, I give them the options in how they want to use our service. I think at first thought, the divorce mediators first want to be the contact point for communication with their client. But it usually only takes one time working with us to realize that we are professionals and will leave a good impression with your client as an extension of your service.

Divorce mediators will usually just have us deal with their client directly and let them know they are working with a 3rd party company to have the divorce process handled.

We are easy to work with – We handle all the paperwork so you don’t have to. We will file the Petition, handle the disclosures and prepare and file the judgment once all signatures are completed. We will deal directly with the court and save you time so you can spend more of it on mediation.

We save your clients money – Because we have worked with the courts and understand the process, we can save your divorce mediation clients money. Because they are in agreement, we can file a hybrid divorce judgment. This is just fancy speak for saying we will not have the respondent file a response so save on the $435 response fee. We will still prepare a stipulated judgment.

Just provide us your MOU, Marital Settlement Agreement or Judgment – We know there are different types of divorce mediators. Some are attorney mediators who draft Marital Settlement Agreements and some that are non-attorney mediators who draft Memorandum of Understandings. All we ask you to do is to provide your MOU and we will incorporate your clients agreements into the divorce judgment forms.

If you want more information about how we can help you, please just give us a call. We would be happy to discuss a working relationship with you and how we can serve you and your clients.