Are Divorce Rates Higher When You Marry Due To Pregnancy?

Are Divorce Rates Higher When You Marry Due To Pregnancy?

I was recently reviewing and approving the complete divorce judgments we were submitting to the divorce courts for approval and noticed that several of the divorce judgments were divorce cases which the date of marriage was about 1 month prior to the date of marriage.

This caught my attention, not only because i came across 3 in a row, but because it made me think if the divorce rate is higher for those who get married only because they were pregnant and did not want to have a baby together without being married.

For these couples that we completed their divorce case for them, the relationship obviously did not work out and I wonder how many people get married for only this reason.

I wouldn’t think that being pregnant as the only reason to get married would be a good idea. I can certainly see that there may be pressures from parents and even society that says you should be married if you are going to have a baby.  But it almost seems that it is adding insult to injury.

Meaning you accidentally got pregnant while dating and maybe had no plans on getting married.  You might be young and just made a mistake.  So you decide that you better get married.  For the couples we helped with their divorce, this just added an additional layer of stress now having to get a divorce after just a few months or years of marriage.

I am sure there is no right or wrong answer and that there are some of these marriages that wind up happily ever after.  But i will say that I am noticing a change in how our culture looks at divorce, especially from the younger generation, say in their 20’s and 30’s.

They are taking a much lighter approach to divorce in most cases and calling it quits quickly after marriage.  I often comment that they treat it similar to returning a automobile you would lease.  It just didn’t work out and it’s time to return it.  I know this is not the best analogy, but i think it makes the point.

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