Divorce Service The Buzz Of Santa Clarita

Lately I have heard from several different sources that our divorce services are being talked about by many people in our Santa Clarita community.  And yes, the talk is all good.

This past week I was at BJ’s Brewery in Santa Clarita and sitting at the bar.  I struck up a conversation with 2 younger guys sitting next to me.  Long story short, they both worked for web developers here in Santa Clarita.  One worked for Scorpion Designs and the other for NextClient.  These companies provide a variety of web services for attorneys.

After mentioning who I was and what I did, they stated that they had recently been contacted by someone that does family law and told them that I was their competition.  I was quite fascinated to learn that another person in the legal industry had noticed my site and to the point that they told their web developers that I was their competition and that they wanted to have a website like mine.

It felt good to be acknowledged for the hard work that goes into writing my blogs and providing the divorce information in Santa Clarita.

The second time I heard folks talking about me was from one of my clients.  They said they were at a Santa Clarita hair salon having their hair done and in the chair next to her, she could hear them talking about my company and mentioning me by name.  The said the were explaining what a good, valuable service we provide.

So it was nice to hear, on two occasions, that people are talking about our divorce service.  We have certainly met a demand for providing a professional, affordable divorce service in Santa Clarita.

To those that are out in Santa Clarita talking about our divorce service and spreading the word, we thank you.  Please continue to talk about us and send us your friends, family and acquaintances.  We will take good care of them.