How To File For Divorce In California By Yourself

How To File For Divorce In California By Yourself

In this video we’re going to talk about how to file for divorce by yourself in California. 1st of all, what a lot of people don’t know is it is possible to file your own divorce.

You do not need legal representation in order to file your divorce in California. In fact, many people go through the divorce process on their own in what’s called in pro per which simply means self represented. Now going through divorce by yourself may mean you want to do it completely on your own, in which case, we have a do it yourself program you can use. Or maybe you’re looking for some assistance through a non attorney service such as ours as legal document assistants so you can get some professional assistance with your divorce.

So if you’re looking to file for divorce on your own, you do have options. It’s not just an attorney or you’re on your own. There are services like mine, we do service all of California and assist pro per litigants or those going through the divorce process on their own and we handle all the paperwork, all the filings, we work on the court process procedure.

So if you guys are in agreement, you and your spouse, we can handle all the paperwork, for any court in California and assist you with getting through your divorce that’s amicable and very cost effective. Of course you can do your own divorce on your own again, either just figuring it out through the court’s website or using a do it yourself program like we have.

So there’s options. If you do, are looking to go through a divorce process and don’t know where to start, one thing you may want to do is pick up a copy of my book, you can get it on Amazon for I believe a dollar 99. It answers all the questions on why you don’t need a divorce attorney.

So to answer the question, can you do your divorce on your own? Yes you can. You can get my book from Amazon, you can get information off our website at, or just call me for a free consultation and I can kind of walk you through the steps to get your divorce completed in California. Tim Blankenship, Hoping you’re having a great day. Will talk to you soon.