Where Do You File Your Divorce If You Live In Santa Clarita?

Hi, Tim Blankenship with divorce661.com, specializing in California divorce. This video is about the family law division of the Santa Clarita Superior Court.

We don’t have one.

In Santa Clarita, we do have a court obviously, but we do not have family law. A lot of clients call me and say Time, I tried to go down to the courthouse and they said we don’t do family law here. If you are living in Santa Clarita, your case will be filed in Chatsworth.

That is our local branch court. You think after all these years and as big as we have become, we would have our own family law division, especially since when I worked at the superior court, they said Santa Clarita and it was evident, provides the most divorce cases for the entire San Fernando Valley. So, we are just a subset that goes to Chatsworth and we are the ones that keep them busy.

Again, because I worked there in the past, I can tell you, that is true. So, if you live in Santa Clarita, there’s no court here for your family law case. You have to go all the way down to Chatsworth. If you’re looking for assistance for your divorce case, that’s what we do.

We handle divorce cases on a mediated style, as a paralegal firm here in Santa Clarita. I’ll be happy to help you with your divorce case. Give us a call with any questions. 661 281 0266 or go to divorce661.com for more information. Thanks so much for watching.