How To File The FL-180 For Your California Divorce Judgment

Tim Blankenship here with, in this video we’re talking more about the FL 180. This week I’ve had several new clients come in who had tried to do their own divorce and had trouble submitting their judgment and the issues in both cases interestingly enough, is that the FL 180 was turned in as if that was their judgment.

So, I understand the FL 180 says judgment at the bottom, it’s a 2 page form and it looks as if that’s all you need to turn in your judgment, page 2 has issues related to child support, custody, visitation, spouse support and property and I’ve seen in both these cases they just turned in the 2 pages, page 1 of the FL 180 and page 2.

That is not your judgment, that is just your face sheet or a cover sheet, all the orders and agreements follow after the FL 180. So, it’s just a cover sheet, it’s not the actual judgment, it’s just the top sheet to your judgment, all the orders, agreements, settlement arrangements, everything follows behind that and you’ll notice that you can use a form, you can use a settlement agreement there’s little boxes that’ll say property division in the settlement agreement attached or in the FL 345 property order attached. So, you can’t just turn in that FL 180 alone, you need to have all the corresponding orders or marital settlement agreement following in order to turn in your judgment with the court.

Tim Blankenship, Hope you’re having a great day, talk to you soon.