File Trial Setting Request With Response When No Agreement In California Divorce

In the article we explain why it is important to file your Request for Trial Setting along with your Response to your California divorce when you know you will not be in agreement and will need the court’s help by going to trial. The court just doesn’t get involved until you ask them to.

File Trial Setting Request With Response When No Agreement In California Divorce

Hi, Tim Blankenship here with In this video, we’re talking about how to get your divorce done quickly if you are not in agreement with your spouse.

Of course, if you have filed for divorce or if you have been served divorce papers and you’re not in agreement with your spouse, the next thing you’re going to do is file a response. That’s step 2. You’re going to file a response once you’re served.

If You Know You Are Not Going To Be In Agreement

Now if you know you’re not going to be in agreement with your spouse and there’s absolutely no way through maybe a service like ours or mediation or otherwise and you know the only way that this is going to be resolved is through a trial, the 1st thing you want to do or the very 1st thing you should do after you filed a response is file a request for trial setting.

You Have To Ask The Court To Get Involved

What people don’t know is, and they’ll preface this by saying we’re going to get divorced and we’re going to let the court decide. 1st of all, the court doesn’t decide anything unless you ask them to. The only people that go to court are people that are not in agreement and the courts don’t automatically set hearings.

How To Get The Court Involved

The only way you’re going to get a judge to make a decision is to get in the system and get through the process of having hearings and the 1st hearing in most cases is called a request for trial setting where the court basically has the parties come in to find out what the issues are and then makes some orders for paperwork to be done and you’ll be on your way to trial at some point.

That’s the 1st thing you want to do. I see people that file, the other party responds and several months go by and they haven’t taken any action and they’re wondering why their case isn’t finalized, why the court hasn’t called them. They’re not.

You have to ask the court to get involved and that’s why filing a request for trial setting. Tim Blankenship, Hope you’re having a great day. We’ll talk to you soon.