FL-150 : How To Avoid Filing & Protect My Privacy During California Divorce

FL-150 : How To Avoid Filing & Protect My Privacy During California Divorce

Hi, Tim Blankenship here with divorce661.com. So this videos going to be on how to, how do I want to say this? How to protect your assets. How to give as little information to the courts as possible, let me explain.

When we prepare judgments, when we handle divorce cases we give the courts as little information as possible. Meaning, when we’re listing assets and debts we just name the asset and the last 4 digits of the account.

That’s all we give them. That’s all the courts require, and a lot of people when they do a divorce they’ll put their full name, full account number, full social security number, I mean everything. You’re setting yourself up for identity theft to be honest with you, and have your assets potentially stolen from you.

So protecting people, we do that, but also a lot of people say Tim why do I have to include, or why I do I have to prepare an expense declaration. So if there are children in your marriage, minor children, and you are going through a divorce in California you need to do an income and expense declaration and it needs to be filed with the court.

Now, there is a little loop hole there. If you have an uncontested case where a petition is filed and a response is filed, you do not have to file that income and expense declaration. So a couple of things here. The reason I’m bringing this up is I had a client say Tim we’re in full agreement, why do I need to turn in an income and expense declaration to court?

We wanted to protect our privacy, we don’t want to list our name, where we worked, employers address because potentially that’s public record, which is true. I said the only way to accomplish that, and here’s the trick, the reason for this video. If you want to avoid filing an income and expense declaration for the court have the respondent file a response.

It will make your case uncontested and it while the income and expense is still prepared as a matter of disclosure policy, you don’t have to file it with the court. So we do that now for our clients. We generally will not have them file a response to save them money. It’s one of the tricks we do.

So if you’re going to get divorced call us before you file anything because you don’t have to file a response if you’re in agreement because we can get your through on just one fee and save you money, but in this particular case say Tim how can we avoid filing the income and expense declaration and I said simple, file the response.

All you have to do is pay another 475 dollars. It can protect your identity and in that way you don’t have to file the income and expense with the court. So that’s a little hack for you. If you don’t want to file that just have the response file, have your case be uncontested and you don’t need to file it. Tim Blankenship, divorce661.com.

I hope that was helpful. If you’ d like to schedule a call with me please go to divorce661.com and click on the blue button that says schedule a call with Tim and we can chat and we’d love to help you with your divorce anywhere in California. Talk to you soon and hope you have a great day.