FL-180 : Number Of Pages On California Divorce Judgment Required

FL-180 : Number Of Pages On California Divorce Judgment Required

Hi, Tim Blankenship here with divorce661.com with today’s divorce 661 tip of the day. Now this is going to be a pretty straight forward one, but it is a reason that your judgment will get rejected none the less and it happens quite a bit.

So when you turn in your final judgment paperwork the cover sheet is a FL 180. It says judgment. On page 2 there’s a little line that says number of pages attached. What you need to do is count every page following that 2nd page of the judgment and write that number down. Honestly, people forget it and the court will reject your judgment if you do not put the number of pages that follow.

The court will not count it and fill it in for you. They will straight out reject your judgment and send it back to you for the tissue alone. So make sure you include the pages.

Obviously it’s important because if you have, say there’s 10 pages and when they get it there’s actually 12 the courts going to assume that pages were added after the fact, or if you have the wrong number or no number at all as far as number of pages the courts going to assume, they need to know how many pages that they are reviewing and verifying.

So don’t forget to add the number of pages to prevent your judgment from being rejected. Tim Blankenship divorce661.com. Thanks for watching.