FL-343 : Attaching The Spousal Support Order To The FL-180

FL-343 : Attaching The Spousal Support Order To The FL-180

Hi, Tim Blankenship here with divorce661.com today and we’re talking about the judgment, so we’re talking about when you turn in your final judgment papers, we’re talking about the face sheet FL 180 and then all of the following documentation.

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Now in other videos and podcasts, I’ve discussed the fact that you should not use the martial settlement agreements that you find online or even through legal zoom or other online services because they are invalid with the courts.

They cause problems every time and I just picked up a new client every time who went through one of those services and we had to fix literally everything with their divorce paperwork. But with this particular podcast I want to talk about the forms you need to attach, specifically regarding spouse support.

Whether or not you’re going to have spouse support as part of your judgment, meaning there is going to be spouse support for a specific amount of time and money or there’s not going to be any spouse support, you still need to include Form FL 343 the spouse support order attachment, and again, yes there is going to be spouse support, no there is not going to be spouse support, either way you need to attach the FL 343 because it addresses both issues.

One of the issues it came up with, this person that had the online service and they came to us to fix everything, is they used a written narrative marital settlement agreement which in most cases are not going to have the required legalese. Specifically, in this case they were married longer than 10 years and the marital settlement agreement they had offline did not have the necessary legalize in it and it would have been rejected on that reason alone.

That’s why when we get these types of causes we simply take from the marital settlement agreement the information and the agreements they have and we transfer that onto the actual court forms. In this case the spouse support order FL 343, the property order FL 345 and that’s how we prepare that even with the property, if there is no property, you still need to include a property order.

So here is a for instance, if there is no assets and debts and there is going to be no spouse support, you’re going to have an FL 180, an FL 343 and an FL 345. The FL 343 is going to say no spouse support, the FL 345 is going to say there is no property subject to division by the court and that’s how you can get your divorce judgment.

There is also obviously multiple additional procedural documents that go along with that but that would be the basis of your divorce decree, using the forms properly.

Tim Blankenship, divorce661.com if you have any questions we do help people with their divorce throughout California, 661 281 0266 or you can go to divorce661.com for more information.