Heading To Seattle Washington

It is just before 6 a.m. on a somewhat rainy Saturday morning.  I am sitting in the Bob Hope Burbank Airport Gate B-5 heading to Seattle, WA.  Why? Because my wife who works as a consultant was supposed to come back yesterday, but ended up having to stay another week.

Because she had to be back at 8 a.m. on Monday and due to last minute flight arrangements, the only flight back to Seattle was on Sunday morning at 7 a.m. which meant she would have only been home one day.

So, instead of having her come all the back, I decided I would fly out to see her and visit Seattle.  A little impromptu get away for the weekend.

Our weekends are not normally very exciting.  I usually just end up going to the office to catch up on work most of Saturday. Sunday is the normal household duties and getting ready for the week.

So it should be a fun weekend.  I told my wife it was her job to make reservations or at least figure out what we are going to do while I there.

I booked my tickets on Thursday so the prices of flight tickets were pretty expensive.  I think the airlines have this all figures out to get you on price.  The cost to leave at 7 a.m. on Saturday morning was twice the cost of leaving at 11 a.m.  They know you want to get there for the weekend. Then there was the Friday option.  The morning was cheap and the evening was twice the cost. Again, they knew people were leaving and trying to get out of town.

Well, getting ready to board and will see you in Seattle.