High Net Worth & High Income Earners Using Divorce 661

I had a client sign up for services that I just had to comment on. You see, their family was what I would call high net worth / high income earners. They earned around $25,000 a month from their business which i would consider to be a fairly high income.

When I first spoke with this family, I asked them why they had decided to use me instead of an attorney since they likely could afford it.

Their answer was one that I was familiar with. They said that once the divorce attorneys would look at their income and they spoke about their net worth and possessions that the attorneys seemed to feel they could get a lot more money out of them.

The clients actually said that even over the phone when they would speak to attorneys that they would ask where they live and that the attorneys would even comment and say something like, “oh, you are in that part of town” referencing the expensive homes in that particular neighborhood.

Make sure to listen to this quick podcast where I talk more about this issue. You can also download the pdf of this blog post below as well.