We Hit 200,000 Views On YouTube!

Yesterday I had a new caller who had done what I wish all my clients would do. She had watched my videos, listened to my podcast, read my blog and read my book.

Divorce661 YouTube Channel

She was one of the most informed people I have spoken with over the years. I do see this frequently with people who call me and they always credit me for explaining California Divorce in plain English through all the different formats I use.

Over the last 5 years I have probably done over 1,000 videos between all my different platforms. As of today, I have 844 videos on YouTube and each of those have been shared on platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.  I also place the videos on my website and blog.

So there is a lot of content I put out there to the world to learn about divorce so you can educate yourself on the best way of getting through your divorce in California, even if it is doing it yourself.

So make sure that you due your research and watch my videos where I explain everything there is to know about divorce in California in plain English.

I try to upload at least 1 video per day. Yesterday I uploaded 4. Whenever I come across something different I try to take the time to shoot a quick video on the topic.

I am often asked how many topics there possibly could be on divorce in California. I will tell you that there are 1000’s. There are so many policy and procedural issues to deal with that change with each circumstance so there is plenty to talk about.

Now I know that 200,000 views is not earth shattering from the perspective of how a single video can go viral and get millions of views. That is now what we are doing here. Here, we are educating you about divorce in California.

As a client said it best, “You are exchanging in abundance with your clients”