How Do I Prepare For An Amicable Divorce | Santa Clarita Divorce |

How Do I Prepare For An Amicable Divorce | Santa Clarita Divorce |

Preparing for an amicable divorce is more of a mindset than anything else. The idea is that you want to make decisions in the overall best interest of both parties and not try to win or take advantage of the other party by dealing in good faith.

Tim Blankenship here with and what we’re talking about in this video is how to prepare for an amicable divorce and this really is going to boil down to you and your spouse deciding that you will be amicable and how can you best achieve that some of the tips I would recommend would be like.

Number one, focus on the big picture. Look at the overall nature of the agreement, not each little individual items separately while you can look at it separately, consider them with the overall global Information that you have to utilize.

I would also say negotiate the terms of your divorce agreement in good faith. If you’re trying to win or get a better deal than your spouse and take advantage, that’s definitely not going to be beneficial to the amicable process.

And more importantly is if you have children create a good parenting plan that works for both of you and then which is done in the best interest of the minor children and that will significantly help you get through the amicable divorce process.