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how income affects child support in California

How Is Child Support Calculated In California?

In California there are two factors that affect child support.  That is timeshare and income.

We discussed the timeshare factor in this article => Do You Pay Child Support If 50/50 Custody<=

A higher amount of income generally can lead to an increase in child support if your income is higher than your spouses.

But, if you are the lower income earner it has the effect lowering the amount of child support you would receive.

So it really just depends on if you are the paying spouse or the receiving spouse of child support.

You can watch the below video on how this works.

In the video above we show how the child support calculator / dissomaster program works when changing incomes and timeshare percentages.
Keep in mind that the calculation of child support represents what California deems to be the “guideline” amount.
If you have an amicable divorce in California, you can agree to more, less or no child support.
And YES, you can have no child support if both parties agree to it.
We do that all the time for our amicable clients.
How Child Support Is Calculated In Amicable Divorce Cases
Keep in mind that we are talking about amicable divorce cases when we are discussing how child support is calculated.
And we are using a child support calculator for the determination of child support only.
If you are going to court for the judge to order child support, many other factors can be involved in the courts determination of an amount of child support.
They can look at other factors like, daycare, out of pocket medical expenses, and a host of other financial issues in determining what amount of child support would be in the best interest of the minor child or children.
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If you have an amicable divorce case in California we can assist you with your divorce.

We serve all courts in California and work with both spouses to finalize your divorce based upon what YOU and your SPOUSE want, not what the court wants to impose on you.