How To Complete California Divorce Summons | Santa Clarita Divorce

How To Complete California Divorce Summons | Santa Clarita Divorce

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The text in this post is the transcript of the below video describing how to complete the California divorce summons and explaining its use.  

So today we are going to talk about the summons. We are now on to the summons; let’s take a look at what the court says we need to complete here next. We’ve been talking about step one here and we talked about the petition; now we are going to talk about the summons, FL-110 and how to prepare that form.

So let’s take a look, I have one here, I have summons …petition… here are the summons. So let’s talk about the summons, and we’re going to fill it out.

If you have been served divorce papers, make sure to check out our article on how to file a California Divorce Response.

There is not a whole lot to fill out on here but you want to draw your attention onto some of the information that’s on here. So we’re going to, as a petitioner, we’re going to complete the summons here; notice to respondent, so this is going be your spouse’s name.

Okay, respondent’s name, I think we have been going by John Smith throughout this video series. You won’t have a case number yet because this is one of the initial filing forms.

So let’s talk about this, there’s some directions the court is giving to both you and the person who’s going to receive this. They’re indicating that you have 30 days after the summons and petition are served on you to file a response, so this is to your spouse, at the court and have a copy served on the petitioner.

A letter or phone call will not protect you. So it’s important that you let your spouse read this ‘cause what they’re talking about is some of the legal actions you can take if your spouse doesn’t file a response; and how to proceed through the divorce process, even if they don’t respond.

Let’s go down the page here, okay name and address of the court, so you’re simply going to type in, Los Angeles Superior Court, 900 Third Street, San Fernando CA 91340.

The name and address and phone number of the attorney, or the petitioner without an attorney, so this will be you; and one two three, 222 Main Street, City, State and Zip, and phone number, okay, we’re going to put that on in here.

Don’t fill out this date, that’s for the clerk, don’t put the date in here, leave it blank. Here you have: check this box as an individual. Go down to page 2, and I want to draw your attention to this big box here on page 2 so, it says warning, important information; you need to read this, this applies to both the petitioner and the respondent in the divorce process.

There are these standard family law restraining orders that go into effect immediately, as far as removing the minor children from parties, cashing, taking out money, transferring, doing any of these things, these types of things with your finances; concealing, disposing of property, you know, you want to keep everything in stash while you are restrained from making any changes, including taking folks off of life insurance and things of that nature.

So, at this point let me draw your attention to this, again there isn’t much to this particular form; it is one of the initial documents, you have the summons and the petition that are required.

There’s also another form, called a Family Law Case coversheet, that’s one of the local area forms, that’s why it’s not discussed on the court website. So if you need more information on that, please give me a call; we’re also going to prepare a video on that as well.

So to just to recap on this, this covered the summons and you want to take a look on the automatic restraining orders that kick in once you start the process. Again we are licensed and bonded legal document preparation service serving all of Los Angeles County and all the courts in Los Angeles County.

We provide a full service divorce company in Santa Clarita and serving all of California. which means we can complete your divorce regardless of where you are in California.  You do not have to come to our office; we have the divorce process down to a science, it’s very seamless and simple when you use our professional divorce services. If not, I hope you enjoy the videos and hope they are helpful in testing you and completing your divorce forms.

Again if you have any further questions, feel free to call us, visit one of our local websites for your area. Other than that I hope you enjoyed and you continue on watching the videos. We hope to have several hundred videos at the time when our video series is complete covering all aspects of divorce. Again, Tim Blankenship, SCV Legal Doc Assist. Have a good day.