How To File California Divorce Form By Mail

Hi, Tim Blankenship here with and today we’re talking about whether or not you can file court documents by mail.

You might find yourself out of town or in a different state dealing with a divorce in California and you may need to get some documents filed, or perhaps you just don’t want to have to drive down to the courthouse because it’s 20, 30 miles away.

There is a way to file your divorce paperwork by mail, but there’s a certain way you want to do that. Here’s how you do that.

1st of all you have to, obviously, mail your documents to the court, but what you need to do is have a copy of whatever it is you want to receive back, because you’re going to want to get copies of whatever you’re filing back. You have to have an original followed by a copy, followed by postage returning to you, so a self addressed, stamped envelope back to you.

If you mail in documents to the court with just an original, they’re not going to mail you a copy, they’re not going to make a copy, mostly because they charge for it. And, number 2, they won’t just put it in an envelope and address it to you, so you have to basically spoon feed the court.

If you’re going to mail it in, mail it with the original and a copy, and I’d even put a note to be clear that you want a copy of what you’re filing and to mail it back to you in the self addressed, stamped envelope. Tim Blankenship, Hope you have a great day. We’ll talk to you soon.