How To Fill Out California Divorce Petition Form FL-100 | California Divorce Service

For many of you who are thinking about attempting to complete your own California divorce, I have put together a series of videos you can watch to help you with this.

This blog post and video below will explain the process of filing out the California Divorce Petition (Form FL-100).  This is just one of the forms you will need to complete to file for divorce.

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Below you will find a step by step instructional video which will explain how to fill out the California Divorce Petition (Form FL-100)

The California divorce petition is not too difficult to fill out, but you need to make sure that you mark the correct boxes.

When you are completing the California divorce Petition, remember that you are letting the Court and your spouse know what it is you are requesting in the divorce. You will notice on page 2 of the Petition that is says “Petitioner Requests”.

It is important to indicate what you are requesting.  Especially if you are going to do a Default Judgment.  (A default is where the other party does not Respond). This is because you can only ask for what you included in your Petition (and nothing else ) in a default style divorce judgment.

The thought process is that you filed your Petition in which was served on your spouse.  If they don’t oppose anything, they can choose not to respond.  The court knows that they have been advised of your requests.  So you can’t later change what you want without notifying the other party by filing an amended Petition.

So make sure you let the other party know exactly what you are requesting when filing your California divorce petition form FL-100.