How To Fill Out FL-100 For No Spousal Support California Divorce

Hi Tim Blankenship here with and in this video we’re talking about the petition FL-100 specifically the issue related to how you request there to be no spousal support in the petition.

So if you look at page 2, number 8 in relationship to spouse support, you’ll see there’s a couple boxes. There’s spouse support payable to, followed by item B terminate, and C reserved for future jurisdiction.

What I want to talk about, specifically in this video, is how to ask for no spouse support being paid to either party in this petition. The reason I’m bringing this up is it might be obvious to you or maybe it’s not and that’s probably why you’re watching this video, but we’re seeing a trend where people who are starting their own divorce are marking the other box.

They’re marking box D and putting no spouse support or I’m not requesting spouse support or waiving spouse support. They’re using a variety of different language in the other box. What you need to do is check the terminate and the court’s ability to award spouse support to either party.

That’s the appropriate box when you’re asking for no spouse support. And the reason you’re doing that is you’re asking for no spouse support and in addition you’re asking for the court to terminate the court’s jurisdiction over the issue spouse support, which means there will not be any spouse support at all now or in the future.

You’re basically taking away the authority of the court to make an order for spouse support anytime in the future and that’s why you want to check that box. By checking other you could be setting yourself up for failure. Whatever language you put in there, I guarantee it’s not going to have the appropriate legalese and then if you’re going to be doing a default style case, it’s going to cause problems and you may end up having to amend your petition and mark the appropriate box.

Tim Blankenship, Hope you’re having a great day. Talk to you soon.