I Guess My Wife Was Right As Always : Tim Blankenship 8-26-15

Yes, my wife was right, again.  As usual.

She had been on me for the last few months, telling me that I have great information about divorce on my blog, but that I need to come across as a person and not just a website that has information on it.

So a few weeks ago I started a new category on my blog which is called, “Tim’s Personal Blog” which is just a tab on my blog that takes you to the posts where I just write about myself and family.

The point of this is that the other day I received a call from a potential client who lived in Los Angeles.  He was a super nice guy, but they had some concerns about doing business “online”.

But what was it that put him at ease?  Not my kind, helpful voice.  Not the fact that we have great reviews.  Not the fact that the phones were answered every time by our receptionist.  The list goes on.

What put him at ease?  The fact that I had some articles and posts about my family and the last camping trip.  The fact that I wrote an article about a divorce attorney in Santa Clarita named Steven Chroman that didn’t treat us all that nice.  That is what put him at ease.

Yes, again, my wife was right.

But don’t get me wrong. I love the idea of just writing about personal things.  I love to write and sometimes I get tired about writing about divorce. But it pays the bills.

It just reminds me that this business of divorce is a personal one.  People want to deal with people.  And they want to deal with good people.

That said, I was glad that this (now a client) did his due diligence and homework to make sure we were legitimate.  People don’t do this regularly and there are people out there that will take advantage of you.

In fact, I really hate getting the calls from people who were taken advantage of, maybe they took their money and didn’t do the work, and now they have a bad idea of what our industry stands for.

And for those of you who read my personal blog, I apologize for the last couple of weeks.  I have not posted very often.

We have gotten very busy and that whole camping trip really put me behind being out of the office for a few days.

I do have another article i have to write this week.  This is one is about how the Santa Clarita Magazine allowed a divorce attorney to write a negative article about me.  And when I wrote a response for the Santa Clarita Magazine,they refused to allow in the magazine.

The publisher of the magazine said they made a mistake allowing that article to be published, but they came far short of apologizing.  Look for the article soon.