Income Withholding For Support Form FL-195 | How To File & Serve

The Income Withholding For Support form FL-195 just might be one of the most confusing forms to fill out while going through your California divorce.

We will get into how to fill it out, but first lets talk about what it does and why you might want to do it.

Also, we have a slideshare below where you can view a template of the Income Withholding For Support Form FL-195.

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Okay, the Income Withholding For Support Form FL-195 is a form you will fill out if there is an order for spousal support or child support and you want to have that support deducted directly from your spouses employer.  It is not mandatory that you do this, meaning your spouse can simply write you a check every month.

But if you feel there might be a problem collecting support from your spouse each month, you may want to fill out this form.  Just keep in mind that there is a specific way these needs to be done.

Here are the steps:

  1. Fill out the form (see template below)
  2. File with court and wait for judge to sign (so it becomes an official order)
  3. Serve on your spouses employer (by certified mail to ensure delivery)

The Income withholding for support form FL-195 can be used when you are submitting your final divorce papers (judgment) or anytime after.  You can also use this form if you recently had a hearing in court and there was an order for support or modification for support.

Also, if you will use this form if you need to modify or terminate spousal support or child support.  We will cover this topic in a future article.

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