Just Venting Today And New Years Resolutions

I don’t know where I got it from or when it happened, but I have always had a thing with needing to be on time to things.  Probably from the Marine Corps and further amplified by working as a Police Officer for LAPD where you respond to calls and when you get somewhere matters.

And this translates into me thinking that everyone thinks the same way I do which can cause frustration. For instance, if I tell someone I am going to be somewhere at a certain time, I am.  And if something happens that prevents me from getting there on time, like my wife, I get frustrated, but more than that fell a sort of panic set in.  It is weird.

I think part of my New Years Resolution for 2016 will help.  I had only one new years resolution.  And that was to just try to make the best out of every situation.  When things don’t go my way or if things don’t go the way I had planned, to just make the best of it.

This has helped in many ways.  I don’t get so frustrated or panic stricken if am late or things don’t go my way.

A perfect example is right now and why I decided to write this post today.  I have an appointment with my computer guy today at 9 a.m.  I got in early to get some work done before we go offline for a few hours while he swaps out a computer.  It is 9:35 and he is still not here.  I text him and he says it will be another 30 minutes.  Keep in mind that i book morning appointments so there are no delays from previous calls.

So normally I would be pulling my hair out, and caught myself getting a little frustrated.  Thankfully, I did catch myself and took a deep breath.  How to make the best of this situation?  By realizing that nothing I do will matter. So might as well relax and realize not everyone is the same as me and the world will still go round and round, even if he shows up late.

On Another rant and just venting is in regards to where my son attends high school.  He goes to Valencia High School and we have had a terrible time with his Counselor, Ms. White.  I don’t know why people stay in jobs that they obviously don’t like.  We have had so many issues with her that when we asked for a different counselor the Principal said he would step in.  That didn’t work either as he has the same philosophy it seems.

I once went in to meet with Ms. White and she refused to even step out of her little office. Instead, while i stood 5 feet away, advised another staff member to tell me something.  I said to her, “she can’t even step out of her office 5 feet to tell me that?  So rude.

So starting the 2016 semester, we needed to have Ms. White sign a form so our son can take a class at Valencia Tutors.  When she refused to sign the form, we advised Valencia Tutors and they said, “is it Ms. White”.  Yep, she sure has a reputation for being difficult and downright worthless.

Okay, done with the ranting.  Still waiting on the computer guy.  Breath!

Talk to you tomorrow.  Tim