How To Modify Your Child Support & Spousal Support

How To Modify Your Child Support & Spousal Support

Hi, Tim Blankenship here with with today’s divorce661 tip of the day. So if you are going to modify child support or spouse support keep in mind that the court has the ability to make changes.

They retain jurisdiction over the issue of support, both child support and spousal support in most cases and that allows you if there is a change in circumstances to ask the court to make modifications to support.

For instance, if you have an increase or decrease in income wither you are the payer or the receiving spouse of support, you have 2 options. You can either petition the court to ask the court to modify support based on the change in circumstances.

In this case we’re talking about income, or, what I 1st tell my clients is if you guys are still on good terms to speak to your spouse. Let the other spouse know about the change in circumstances as far as income, let me run some numbers regarding child support and spouse support, and if you guys agree to those numbers all I have to do is draft a stipulation.

You can avoid court. It takes a couple days to draft this document. There’s no court involved. There’s a small filing fee of 20 dollars with the court. I draft a document, you guys sign it and you’re done. As opposed to going to court, filing a motion, having the other person served, going to the hearing and having the judge make the order.

I did a longer video about this called stipulate versus litigate, meaning come to an agreement as opposed to going to court. I hope you enjoyed today’s divorce661 tip of the day. Tim Blankenship, with Have a great day.