More Podcasts, Videos And Blog Posts To Come For 2016

So today is January 6, 2016 and you know what is remarkable is I did not get sick all of last year and in fact I haven’t been sick for a couple of years. But yesterday just five days into 2016 I caught a cold I don’t know what to make of this.

But I’m still plugging along, when you own your own business you can’t just not show up for work.

This year I’ve made a commitment to do a lot more marketing especially in the way of video marketing and so far this year I’ve produced on a minimum at least five videos per day which I’ve then turned into a podcast episode followed by uploading to YouTube and Facebook and any other social media platform that I’m a part of.

We’ve always done well with our our marketing but this year I think will do much better as I increase the number of videos that we make.

I know this is true especially sense yesterday I uploaded a video at about 7 AM to YouTube and by 9 AM I received a call from a potential client who watched the video and became a client because of that very video. It’s things like these that convince me to spend the extra hours every day to get this marketing up so people can learn from it, find us, and hopefully ultimately utilize her service to help them with their divorce.

So if you follow our blog podcast or YouTube channel you’re going to see tons of content being posted and uploaded every day.

Have a good day, enjoy the rain California, and we’ll talk later.