Movie, Cooler Weather And Some Quite

Today is a Saturday and I really was looking forward to it.  The business has been crazy and I think we started 14 new divorce cases.  I know, good for me, bad for everyone else.  I hear it all the time…. And I agree.

But I really needed at least a day to be with my family.  So I made big plans to go to Vegas for the weekend, on a Friday night at about 4 p.m.  Did you know plane tickets are $250 per person each way when you book same day?  $1000.00 just to get there and back?

At that rate, I won’t have any money to lose!!!

So instead, we slept in until 8 a.m., took our son to Air Soft, some place called, “Warped Ops” in Castaic and then had breakfast at a place called Mikes Diner.

We then went to get a 15 minute massage at the mall and then went to Salt Creek for a cocktail and glass of wine before we saw Sicario which was a pretty good movie.  Tomorrow we are going to see The Martian

Right now, though, I am sitting in my dining room watching American Sniper with Chris Kyle portrayed by Bradley Cooper.

Weird.  Just watched the part of the movie where they showed 9/11 and the planes crashing into the World Trade Center towers.  I say weird because watching scenes like that can take you right back to where you were the day that happened.

The weather is a little cooler by about 10 degrees and in Santa Clarita right now, that means it is 90 degrees instead of 100 and I’ll take it.

I was counting on the cooler weather and had a screen door put on our front door so we could open the door when it does cool down. Good planning, because it is open now and there is an awesome breeze blowing through and I can finally turn of the air, even if it is just for half a day.

The kids are out of the house and the wife is upstairs and the dog is taking a nap.  So just some quite time for me to reflect on the day and write a few words.

Enjoy your weekend.