Moving My Mom & Visiting My Brother

Well this weekend went by fast. My middle brother, Todd, and I went up to Apple Valley to help my mom pack for her move to San Diego.  Packing and helping move someone is not my idea of a well spent weekend, but it was a good time to visit both my mom and my brother.

We made the best of it and got out there at around 11.  Todd and I had a plan to have everything packed by 5 pm so we could hang out, relax and go to dinner.

We had to hustle to get everything done by 5, but we were able to make it with no little left over things that needed to be taken care of.

Finally, we were able to sit down and relax and have a few cocktails.  Around 6 pm we decided to go have sushi.  So I told my mom and brother, I would just order up a Uber ride.  That is my go-to service when i need a ride somewhere for whatever reason.

But to my surprise there were no cars available at all!


So what I had to do is just leave the Uber app on for about 15 minutes before a driver finally appeared. It then took about 20 minutes for the driver to arrive.  I guess it does not pay to be an Uber driver in the desert.  But we did eventually get a ride and I even asked the Uber driver for their phone number so we could call her when we were done with dinner, just to make sure we had a ride home.  That worked out well.

It is already Sunday late afternoon and I am home.  Just enough time to sit down with the family for dinner and write a few words on my blog here.

I think we will sit down and bing-watch our current netflix series we are watching which is Person of Interest. We started it about 2 weeks ago and are on episode 25 of 90.

Talk to you tomorrow.