My Anti-Valentine’s Day 2017 & Dinner At Whole Foods

My wife and I have been married for 22 years and while it has not been all rainbows and unicorns we have stuck it out with each other. I don’t mean for that to sound negative, but you know what I mean.

One thing my wife and I both dislike is what we called “Forced Holidays”. This would include Valentine’s Day!

I get my wife flowers and we go to dinner often, probably more often that we should. So I don’t like it when I am told that on a certain day each year i need to go out to dinner with the masses on a weekday (usually) and purchase over priced flowers just so we can post pictures on Facebook of the flowers and show all our friends how awesome our marriage is.

Yeah, no. I told my wife we would not be doing that this year…. And she agreed.

I even posted on Facebook how i felt about it.

Pre Valentine’s FB Post

So I took it a bit further.

This year we had:

  • No Flowers
  • No Card
  • No Dinner (sort of)

So we agreed that we would disagree with Valentine’s Day 2017 and instead put a little money away. Instead of going on a forced dinner and spending money on overpriced flowers we just put a few hundred dollars in our savings account. The money we would have probably spent on dinner and flowers.

My wife did surprise me, however, in that she came home from running errands brought us some sushi from Whole Foods.

So that was it for us. Sushi from Whole Foods and in bed watching a movie by 9. That is my kind of evening.