What Name Change Is Possible Through California Divorce Process

What Name Change Is Possible Through California Divorce Process

Tim Blankenship here with divorce661.com in this video we’re talking about how to change your name while going through the divorce in California.

So, when you file your petition there is a box that you can check off that you want to revert back to your former name and I wanted to clarify that you can only go back to your former name.

I get asked a lot, my clients say Tim can I pick a name or can I use my maiden name form 3 marriages ago, which you probably could, but in any other case you cannot, you have to go back to your former name, you cannot pick a name out of a hat or use another families last name and here is the issue.

When you go through a divorce you can get a judgment that says that the respondent or petitioner is having their name reverted back to their former name. Now, you could technically put any name down there but where you’ll get into trouble is when you go to say Social Security or DMV, they’re going to verify that, that was in fact your maiden name or previous name and if it’s not it’s going to be invalid and it’s not going to help you what so ever.

So, when filing the petition and then your judgment make sure that they name that you’re requesting to be reverted back to is your former name and your maiden name so when you go to Social Security you can successfully have your name reverted back.

If you want to do a regular name change, where you what to change your name entirely you have to go through a name change petition filing outside the scope of the divorce. Tim Blankenship, divorce661.com, hope you’re having a great day. Call me for any questions for divorce in California 661 281 0266 and have a great day.