You Need A California Divorce Child Support Order & Calculation Even If None

In this video and podcast we’re talking about why you need a Dissomaster, a court calculation when there’s child support.

california divorce child support

So in going through a divorce in California, if you have child support that’s going to be ordered or agreed upon, the amount that you use for child support needs to meet the minimum guidelines for California.

And the way you have to prove that to the court, when you turn in your divorce decree or your divorce judgment to the court, is you have to show a calculation, which is called a Dissomaster, that meets the minimum guideline amount.

So if the guideline amount, through the Dissomaster, reflects 500 dollars a month then that’s what your Child Support Order needs to match up with. Otherwise your divorce decree will be rejected by the court until you meet the minimum guideline child support on your Child Support Order for your divorce in California.

Tim Blankenship, Hope this video is helpful. Take care.