Not Living With Spouse During California Divorce? How To Sign Divorce Papers

Hi, Tim Blankenship here with This is just a quick tip for you.

Many of our clients live in different parts of the state or even different parts of the country. Let’s say we start a divorce case and one party lives in Southern California and the other party lives Northern California or even another part of the country, in Texas or anywhere for that matter.

I’m often asked, “Tim we live in different places. Can we sign separate sets of paperwork?”

When we get your divorced finalized where all the paperwork is ready to be signed. It has your judgment, your settlement agreement, all of your procedural documentation, many of the forms have signatures for both parties needed on the same page.

The question becomes, can we sign separate sets or do we need to round Robin all the paperwork?

So, although a round Robin would also work, meaning you sign it, you send it to your spouse, they sign it, they send it back to me and we finalize it. That’s fine, but it’s easier and just chances for papers being lost or paperwork getting lost in the mail, we say just sign separate sets.

What we’ll do is when we have clients in 2 locations, we’ll send out 1 set of paperwork to both parties either by mail or by email and say go ahead and sign on your end and we’ll just combine the forms when they get here. So, say there’s a form that requires both party’s signatures on the same page, we’ll just stack them. We’ll have the petitioner’s form on top with their signature and then the respondent’s signature on the next page.

Yes, it makes the judgment a little bit thicker than normal, but it’s totally acceptable by the courts, so you don’t have to both sign the same form. It’s easier to sign separate forms and we’ll just combine them in office.

Tim Blankenship, Hope this is helpful. Give us a call if you need help with your divorce anywhere in California. 661 281 0266 or just go to for more information. Thanks so much for watching.