One Hundred Reasons Your California Divorce Will Be Rejected

One Hundred Reasons Your California Divorce Will Be Rejected

There are over 100 reasons your California divorce will be rejected. Now, I am not going to get into all of them for purposes of this article, but what I have been doing is shooting a video discussing all the issues that can come up when you file for divorce in California and try to do your own divorce.

What I have been doing is, when clients hire me to help fix their divorce paperwork, it taking their divorce rejection sheet from the court and going over all the reasons the divorce was rejected and talking about the issues and how to correct them.

Below is just one such video as an example. You can find others on my youtube channel where as of this writing I have going on 900 videos about California Divorce!


I get asked all the time why I put out all this free information and they ask, “if you give it all away for free, how will you be in business?”

This questions usually comes from my competitors who are afraid to give anything away. Their mindset is so short sighted that it makes it easy to stand out in this area of California Divorce.

When you are going through divorce you need to be educated. The majority of my videos are self-help and how-to divorce videos on everything I can think about or learn about California Divorce.