Pomona Divorce Court Rejecting Judgments That Don’t Include Withholding Order FL-195

Hi, Tim Blankenship here with divorce661.com and today we’re talking about some issues we’re seeing, in this case particularly with the Pomona Courthouse.

So, when you file for divorce and you’re doing your judgment, we’re talking about the FL 180, the final paperwork, you’ll notice at the bottom it says this judgment contains provision for child support or family support. It’s letter H on page 1.

What this is telling you is that if you have a child support order, then you need to attach an FL 191. The FL 191 is a child case registry form. Now, it says you have 10 days to do that after you file the judgment, so in most cases we are not ever filing this case registry form, although the judgment form says it’s required and we’ve never had any issues.

Recently we’ve been having issues with the Pomona Courthouse wherein they are rejecting judgments that do not have the case registry form attached at the time of submission of the judgment, so of course we’re now complying with that and making sure we’re doing that.

Obviously, there is either a new clerk or a new judge who is in there and is making sure or demanding that that be turned in. In addition, Pomona is also now making it mandatory that, when there is a child support order, that a FL 195 Withholding Order also be attached.

They’re not even allowing that to be something that you guys can agree upon. I’m going to do another video about what to do about that FL 195, which is the Withholding Order. Many people who are paying support do not want to have support being paid directly from their employer, or maybe they just don’t want their employer knowing they’re paying child support.

It is sort of a personal issue and I get that. If you have a Pomona case, we’re not seeing this in any other courts right now except Pomona. Pomona is requiring and they are rejecting judgments if there is no case registry form and if there’s no withholding order when there is child support involved.

Tim Blankenship, divorce661.com. Hope you’re having a great day. We’ll talk to you soon.