Post Valentines Day Blues | Divorce In Santa Clarita

It is that time of year again, where people wait to see what happens at Valentines day to decide on whether or not to file for divorce.  At least that is what the mainstream media wants us to believe.

Being involved with people going through divorce for the last 5 years, I can tell you that we see different reasons for the uptick in divorce flings after Valentines day and wanted to share those insights.

A lot of it has to do with timing and Valentines day just happens to fall within one of the busiest quarters of the year.

There is a stockpile of people who hold off from filing for divorce during the months leading up to the holidays from about Thanksgiving through Christmas.  Those folks that would have normally filed during those times, all come in around beginning in the new year in January.

So we have those that decided in January to file for divorce along all those who had planned on filing back in November and December.

Another reason we see a lot of divorce filings, at least an increase that is, is because people are getting their tax return money in.  We know this for sure because we have had several people call our office for divorce in Santa Clarita and advise us they will be filing for divorce as soon as they get their tax return back.

I would offer one word of caution if you are using Valentines day as your reason for filing for divorce.  Our advice is not to make an emotional decision based upon what happened at Valentines day.

If Valentines day alone is the reason you are filing for divorce, I would say hold off.  If it is a good decision, you can always file for divorce later.

If you are of the majority and Valentines day was not the reason you are filing for divorce and you had made this decision in the past, then it is probably the right thing to do.

There is one rule we follow in our office in Santa Clarita.  If a spouse is in our office, upset, crying and emotional, we will not allow them to file for divorce, at least with us, until they have calmed down and are thinking rationally.

Want to know the interesting thing?  We have never seen those people back in our office which tells us that it would have been a mistake for them to file for divorce when they came into our office.

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