How We Process California Divorce Cases For Fast Approval

How We Process California Divorce Cases For Fast Approval

Hi Tim Blankenship here with Today we’re talking about how you can submit your divorce case to get it done faster through the court.

So, a lot of people there’s a lot of confusion about this whole 6 month deal. 6 months is just the soonest your divorce can be finalized no matter how fast you get your case done. For instance, people come to us and get their case done in a single sitting. Both parties are here and we get everything completed but we still have to go through the process.

And a lot of people think Tim so we have to wait 6 months and then we turn in our final agreements? No that’s not the case. Once the petition been filed and your spouse has been served, you have to wait 30 days to go by ad then if you guys have a full agreement by that point what we do is we turn everything in. Your judgment, all your procedural forms, your declarations, everything.

All agreements after 30 days after the petition’s been filed. Once it’s submitted it gets in line with the judgment clerk to be reviewed so they’ll review it and they’ll approve it even though the 6 months have not past. So, what happens is they will approve it and they will push out the 6 months and I’m going to show you here, I’m going to refer a case that we recently filed your looking at it now, you can see that the jurisdiction date at number three was that it was served on November 16, 2016.

But if you look at number 4 it says that court order cause appearing that your divorce is entered as May 17, 2017. The reason they’re able to do this is because they’re pushing out the 6 month mark. So, it’s 6 months and a day from November 16, 2016. Now if you look at the upper right hand corner you can see that this was filed on January 26, 2017.

Just further to my point that as long as the 30 days have gone by you can submit all your agreements, get your case approved by the courts. So, they have a court ordered divorce that’s completely done just that it won’t be the single status won’t kick in until May 17, 2017. But they are completely done. Tim Blankenship with Please give us a call for a free consultation at 662810266 or feel free