Requesting No Child Support For Your California Divorce

So, I’ve had a lot of requests for people wanting to know how to complete their divorce if they do not want child support.

So, the issue is child support is mandatory in California. So, you have to package up your divorce case in a special or a specific way rather if you do not want there to be child support. Or if you want there to be a zero child support order.

Over the years it’s been a pretty common practice that people say Tim I don’t want a child support order, we’re going to handle everything outside of court can we do that? The answer is yes, but there is a little trick to it.

So, this video is going to discuss exactly how to do your divorce with children when you want there to be zero child support order. So even if you don’t want child support you still need to have a child support order attachment form which is this form here. So let’s get started and let’s go through the form of how were going to complete this.

So, you’re going to complete this as you would normally follow the tutorial, you’re going to mark that this is an attachment to the FL 180. You have to have a DissoMaster print out, this is a court calculation if your using California divorce tutor, one of the services I provide is I say I’ll give you a free DissoMaster and there’s specific information I need in order to do that, because when asking for zero child support the DissoMaster has to match up and show that there’s zero support for the courts calculator.

And that’s the only way to do this, to fill out the form the way I’m going to show you and you need DissoMaster showing zero child support. So I marked this box here number 1, you’re going to, all this you can skip, when you have a DissoMaster you only need to include this data if it’s not part of the DissoMaster.

So you can skip all this, you don’t need to put the income, number of children, that’s all going to be part of the DissoMaster it’s going to include all that. You’re going to come down here to number six, you’re going to mark the child support box, you’re not going to mark anything here because there’s not going to be any payment of child support you’re still going to put the child’s name, so you’re going to put name of child.

You’re going to put their date of birth just like you normally would. You’re going to put zero here, and then here you’re going to say, no child support due either party and you’ll come down here to other and mark this box and you’re going to say, get ahead of myself here, bear with me.

You’re going to mark the other box here and you’re going to put no child support per DissoMaster, okay. And go over to page 2, and if you’re not having child support you’re likely not going to have any of these.

So here, zero, total net child support zero, you still want to do the healthcare expenses, if both of you are going to be responsible if health care is going to be carried by either party. Alright over to page 3, so page 3 you’re going to go here to number 11 and you’re going to say see attachment FL dash 342 which is this form, number 11.

So, we’re just going to reference this item number here and then we’re going to do an attachment. So when there’s no child support there has to be a specific declaration written, and it’s just cut and paste. So here you can see I already done it, you can Google MC-025.

It’s just an attachment page, you can get this right off of Google. You’re going to put attachment for FL 342 for number 11, and this form will go right behind the 342 in your judgment package. And then you’re going to copy and paste this language in here, it’s basically saying based on the custodial arrangement above set forth, and the current financial status of the parties, neither party shall be obligated at this time.

It just lets you know that you have the right to child support, that you’ve been fully informed of your rights, so on and so forth. You can read this but without this declaration or language or legalize they will not approve a zero child support order so you need to include this portion of it. So I’ll make this available as kind of just a PDF download in California divorce tutor. That way you can just print this because nothing’s gonna change here, this is always going to remain the same.

This will be a tutorial as far as filling out the FL 342 for a zero child support order and then make sure you email me with the information I request for preparing a DissoMaster for you because that needs to be a part of this as well. Tim Blankenship with