RV’ing At Carpenteria, Getting Sick & Working From Home

My wife and I love to get out to the Beach and take out our RV when we can. We hate the summer time for this because it is so crowded and not to mention hard to get a camping spot. What makes matters worse, is that neither of us are good planners.

So what I end up doing is every other day or so, I will go to Reserve America and look for last minute RV spots. What I have found is that people do cancel trips, even those trips booked out 6 months in advance which is what it takes to get some of the prime, beach front RV spots.

That is what happened for this weekend. It was last Tuesday and I took a look online to see what might be available and much to my surprise, there was a beach front RV spot available at Carpenteria and I snatched it up right away without seeing if we would even be able to go.

Well, we were able to make it and it turned into an awesome weekend. The weather was great, we had a great spot and Carpenteria State Beach is only an hour’s drive.

Here is the photo I posted on Facebook.

Weekend At Carpenteria
Weekend At Carpenteria

Now, the beach can help me forget about life for a while and allows my wife and I to plan the future, but that is short lived and we are quickly back to reality. What I am referring to is that if you have been following my personal posts, you may be aware that I suffered a bad back and shoulder problem.

Out of the blue, I started losing muscle in my left arm and started experiencing some pain. The pain was not like muscle soreness and was a type of pain I can’t explain. It got worse and I went to the doctors finally and after a couple doctors visits and then finally an MRI, it turns out I have a bulged disk in my L5/L6 and what was supposedly causing the pain.

I was told it was either surgery or get better naturally. So I started aggressively going to Accupuncture and the Chiropractor. I did this for several weeks until I had a bit of easing of the pain, but it then worsened where I had to start taking some pain meds. I had terrible pain from the middle of the back which radiated all the way down my left arm and caused 3 of my fingers to go totally numb. And this was the condition I have been in for about 8 weeks.

Then, while camping in Carpenteria this weekend, I noticed that I did not have to take my pain medicine at hour 6 which was about how often I needed to take the pain meds. That was Friday morning. Normally, I would wake up in a lot of pain, and the pain is what would wake me up around 3 am. But I woke up Saturday at 6 a.m., and not in pain. I was so confused.

Then Saturday I did not take any pain meds and here we are Monday and still no pain meds.

I am glad the pain is gone, but now I feel sick, tired and just worn down. My wife, who had her own bout of nerve related issues, says now is the healing time and why I am feeling sick and tired.

And while I could not get myself into work today, I am sitting here with my Mac on my lap while is rest in bed and knock out this blog post and try to reply to some of my clients emails.  That is the one thing about owning your own business, that when you are not able to come in, business comes to a halt for the most part.  I still have my reception staff answering the phones, but I am the one that people want to speak to and I understand that.

I am just glad for technology that allows one to stay connected and hope to be back in the office on Tuesday. Actually, I will need to go in regardless as there are several time sensitive issues I need to work on.

So if you are reading this and I did not happen to return your email today, this is why. I really try to keep my clients and future clients informed about what I am doing and think that I am probably the only one that is so transparent with his life in the legal services arena.

I think people are so secretive these days. Really, try to find out personal information about someones life that provides legal services. Most have a business page where they post, but very few make their personal lives available to their clients.

Why do I do this? Because I want people to know that I am a real person just like them, and not just a guy on the end of the phone.

And I know that people read these articles, probably more than I think. I often get comments or an email where a client or even a prospective client emails me and starts the email off with a comment about a recent personal post I wrote and I think it just makes me more relatable.

I hope you are having an awesome Monday. 🙂