Santa Clarita Divorce | Can I Remarry Before Divorce Finalized?

I don’t know if people’s ears are burning or what, but today I have taken 2 calls already where people have filed for divorce and never finished their divorce case in California.  I literally just finished an article on this very topic, but have written several articles on the subject as well as recorded video and radio shows about this.

While we have talked about not finishing your divorce case, I was asked a question today that was phrased a little different.  This person wanted to know if it is possible to get married before the divorce is finalized. (or in this case not even filed yet)

So here is how I answered this question.  I would never tell someone that it is alright to get married when still married, but what i said was that we have filed so many divorce cases in California where the folks never finished their divorce case and got remarried and even had children and nothing negative happened to them and nothing stopped them from getting married.

This persons reasoning for getting remarried was a valid one so the only issue would be if they were personally okay with getting married despite not being divorced.

As far as the law is concerned, nothing negative will happen.  This is one of those situations where the new husband could say that he wants the marriage annulled because he didn’t know that the spouse was already married under the “Preexisting Marriage” reason for having the marriage annulled.  But if the new husband is in agreement with this, there obviously isn’t going to be this problem.

If you find yourself already married, or in a situation where you thought you were already divorced and later learned you are not, don’t freak out.  We can help you get your original divorce finalized.

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