Santa Clarita Divorce | How To Divide Property In Amicable Divorce |

Santa Clarita Divorce | How To Divide Property In Amicable Divorce |

Tim Blankenship with here and what we’re talking about in this video is how to divide up your property when going through an amicable divorce.

So, the first thing you should know is there are community property laws in California that you can find online that basically explain that anything you guys have acquired during the marriage is community property, which means it’s subject to being divided 50/50.

That said you know use that as the rule know that in making informed decisions but when going through an amicable divorce, you guys get to decide how you really want to do that. Not everything has to be divided down the middle. Each of you can keep your own assets and debts if you decide, that’s not a problem, it does not have to be equal division. The court is not looking for any level of fairness.

They assume if you go through an amicable divorce, we submit a full agreement on your behalf that you guys have notarized they assume you’re doing this knowingly in your best interest and they are completely fine with that.

They are going to accept it, your judgment will be approved and you guys get to call the shots. And that’s one of the biggest benefits of going through an amicable divorce in California.